Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Gerudo Valley)
Artist: Team Teamwork
Album: The Ocarina of Rhyme
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Don’t Touch Me (Gerudo Valley) || Busta Rhymes || Team Teamwork



i dont think i totally headcanon dmab mabel but i still think it’s a really cute idea ;v;


gently paps

thanks buddy

[crushing anxiety about grades]


First ya’ll wanna fuck an evil clock then ya’ll wanna fuck the evil animatronics now ya’ll wanna fuck an evil triangle this is why abstinence education doesn’t work


i want another 5 seasons of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun


do you ever wonder what people who aren’t in your fandom think of your otp like ”oh the gay werewolf and hyperactive freckled kid are back on my dash again. I hope they’re doing well.”

  • Tumblr: Thank god the weeaboo season is over
  • Hetalia Fandom: I would like to make an announcement
  • Tumblr: JESUS CHRIST


Simple drawing, just as a breather

Concierge Secret Nod #34


GUEST: Hi. I’m wondering if you can help me. Do either of you speak Spanish?
COWORKER: No, I’m sorry.
GUEST: Why not? I don’t understand. 
COWORKER: I apologize, but I can understand your English perfectly, sir. How can I help you?

(Guest lunges over the counter)

GUEST: I was in the army!!! Were you in the army?
COWORKER: I’m sorry?
GUEST: Did you defend this country???
GUEST: Did you almost die to defend this country?
GUEST: I almost die for you and you can’t speak Spanish for me??!?!

(Coworker takes a step back and turns to me. She gives me Concierge Secret Nod #34: “I’ve reached my capacity for being screamed at by deranged belligerent assholes and am going to go eat a snack somewhere so I don’t open my mouth and get myself fired.” I nod back. She grabs her phone and walks out.)

CONCIERGE: How can I help you, sir?
GUEST: Why she is so terrible?
CONCIERGE: It’s a mystery.
GUEST: Where is the bus?
CONCIERGE: It’s outside to the left.
GUEST: Thank you. 

(Guest walks away.)


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